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Juneau Bluegrass Slow Jam

Bluegrass Slow Jam – 7pm – 1st Sunday of the Month @ the Alaskan Bar

Bluegrass Repertoire

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are some standard songs that we’ll be playing in the jam. This is a good place to start, but please feel free to bring your own songs/tunes as long as they are bluegrass “standards” or stick to a basic chord and rhythm structure in the bluegrass style.

Remember, while many fiddle tunes have set keys, singing songs should be sung and played in the key that is best for the singer’s voice. This means that all of these songs may be played in different keys at the jam, depending on who is singing. We’ll try and stick to more “friendly” keys (C, D, G, A) but we’ll likely be playing in B, Bb, E, and F as well.

All links point to Jim’s Roots & Blues which is a great resource. These are all songs (i.e. they’re sung) so these links connect to lyrics and chord charts. The chord charts used refer to the numbers in the “Nashville Numbering System”.

You can also tune in to our Spotify playlist which is regularly updated with the songs played each month.

The “Nashville Numbering System” is a short-hand way for musicians to quickly understand the structure of any song/tune regardless of key. This is an invaluable tool and will be how we talk about songs in the jam. Learn it here!

Song List

Aint Nobody Gonna Miss Me

Angel Band

Blue Moon of Kentucky

Blue Night

Blue Ridge Cabin Home

Bury Me Beneath the Willow

Dark Hollow

Darling Corey

Don’t this Road Look Rough and Rocky

East Virginia Blues

Feast Here Tonight

Footprints in the Snow

Hold Watcha Got

How Mountain Girls Can Love

In the Pines

Little Maggie

Long Journey Home

Love Please Come Home

Make Me Down a Pallet on your Floor

Nine Pound Hammer 

Old Home Place

On and On

Pig in a Pen

Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms

Salty Dog

Shady Grove

Sittin on Top of the World

Think of What You’ve Done

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Your Love is Like a Flower

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