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Juneau Bluegrass Slow Jam

Bluegrass Slow Jam – 7pm – 1st Sunday of the Month @ the Alaskan Bar


Let’s pick!

This is a friendly open jam focused on bluegrass music. Come prepared to play and/or sing! Check out what we’ve played in the past, our working song list and our general guidelines. You can also sign up for jam notifications!

Get to know the music but tuning in to our Spotify playlist, regularly updated with songs played at the jam.

What do I need to know to participate?

While this slow jam is meant to be a learning environment, you should already know the basics about playing your instrument and be prepared to play in multiple keys.

Guitar and banjo players should bring a capo and play in standard tunings.

Please read through our guidelines and be aware of jam etiquette!

No jerks allowed.

Can I bring my bagpipes? No.

Instruments that are welcome: acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro, fiddle, and bass.

Instruments that sort of work, but might struggle to fit: cello, viola, ukulele, harmonica*, bones, autoharp, and concertina.

Please do not bring: bag pipes, electric instruments, accordions, wind or brass instruments, drums or other percussion instruments, or no instrument.

*Each individual harmonica is key specific, so for this to work you’ll need at least a basic skill level and you’ll need to have enough harmonicas to cover the various keys we’ll use.

What if I’m feeling unsure?

Newbies: Come listen! If this style of music, or format of playing, is new to you, feel free to come and listen! Listening is one of the most important skills to cultivate when playing in a jam setting. Each jam will have at least one experienced leader who is happy to answer questions.

Old hands: Bring an instrument that’s new to you! If you’re an experienced bluegrasser, bring along your second (or third, or fourth, or, god forbid, fifth) instrument that you’re looking to get some practice on. Slow jams are super fun when you’re tackling a new challenge.

Is this different from the old time jam? Yes!

There’s a great old time jam at 7pm on Wednesday nights at the Red Dog Saloon. That jam is focused primarily on instrumental old time fiddle tunes.

During the bluegrass slow jam we focus mainly on playing bluegrass songs that are sung. We won’t turn away an instrumental tune, but all tunes will be played in a bluegrass fashion where the break is passed, rather than having all pickers play the break at the same time.

Sign up for jam notifications!

You’ll receive two emails a month: 1. A reminder a couple of days before the jam. 2. A song list of all the songs played at the jam.

Please add me to your jam notification email list!

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